Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Okay so first stage of modified and led tails. They are getting a second ring around the brake light rings that won't be as bright but all together lit when the brakes are on HOLY SHIT bright. Also did the reverse lights in the same awesome super brightness and the FTP's which have running lights and blinkers

Got sick, busted out some shit that none of you can get your hands on. Custom resin with blown glass strands to make cool designs when it lights up. Putting the led's up in that bitch soon after I finish the front part where the battery sits. Changing some other shit too, nothing noticeable but will still be done better than it sits right now

Sunday, December 19, 2010

Lovely Idol SUCKS at posting shit.

Built a thing for the ls1 coils.

My engine bay still needs something......

Interior of car is dated for a reason, but still classy so I got this style greddy gauges to watch as my car blows up.

And this is how sweet my new setup is.

when I was setting it up

And how small this new thing is.

Okay, so white car is getting shit that no one else has for simple fact that it has to be 1000x more insane than any other dudes are willing to go through with their cars.

Wiring shit is rad, stripped some harness, pulled wires that dont do shit, moved fuses and relays, wrapped it up in the cool netting harness wrap like the haltech got.

Sunday, October 3, 2010

I rinsed it off cause it was filthy

Haltech will be here this week. outside of some wiring, and some engine bay painting the raping will begin

jbuck idling

new aero is works9 with a dmax hood..

thats just a small taste of what ive sprayed haha.

i still have a double din

So... past few months ive been kind of on the downlow with my car .. with school and other shit kind of taking my time away. i installed new turbo / intercooler , power fc and lots of other shit that made my car suck.

ive also been ricing some shit out as the pics show.


still waiting for some 17x9 fronts . .. . oh yeah got a new wiring harness and car still didnt start ... so .. basically the ignitor needs to be swapped out and then its time to get rad! tuning and other shit happening as soon as it fires up haha.

i dont know

ill post more some time

- J B U C K L E Y -