Saturday, February 28, 2009

interior ho!

I decided that I dont want a diagonal bar on my cage because I dont need it, and I want more access to the rear hatch area. It is painted finally, no more oxidizing roll cage tubing!!! Amazingly, my new sparco fits pretty well with the swede accents inside the car so I am going to rethink the upholstery idea on my passenger seat. Also actually cleaned everything up in the car and around the shop. Its amazing how much better I feel working on it now

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Paint woes....

2 hour paint session

Travis got himself some Work Equips for the Cressida. Problem with them is that they were painted with some really bad black paint by the previous owner and looked like absolute shit. I made him an offer he couldn't refuse and this is my end of the deal. Resprayed work original silver. Turned out okay....for beat up wheels anyway
Then I noticed that I was going to have some silver left over, so I masked up my helmet really quick and shot it silver too.......unfortunately I also had some chrome flake laying around and ended up getting bored waiting between coats so it ended up WAY flaked out haha

Monday, February 16, 2009

VDay 2009

It was pretty calm and laid back. Nothing special was done, just good ol' spending time with the loved one.
Then we went and ate some Vietnamese Egg Rolls

Then I was still hungry so I ordered some Pho Tai with Filet Mignon in it. Shit was SOOOO good.

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Another day, another......not getting shit done

Today I noticed that I have pretty much the most aggressive fitment of all time on an FC. Fronts are 18x11 -7 with a 225/35 feddy. Rears are 18x12 -7 with a 255/35 feddy. Front fenders are Foresight +45mm and rears are like Origin or some shit +55mm (advertised as +50, I'm not flexing them at all and I have about -1 or -2 degrees of camber in the rear)

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Fiberglassing is such a fucking pain in the ass

Soooo, I hated the way my rears looked against the car and decided to glass them to sit flush and match up the lines on everything. Final glass and body work is going down on the front bumper and fenders this week then FINAL PAINT!!!!


Car started here:

And we just HAD to to get sick with it.

We hit it up like what with fresh paint. Super white base with white and blue pearl clear. Shit is going VIP drift car fo real. Did some glass work on the front bumper, front fenders and rear overs, getting sprayed SOOOON.

Sunday, February 8, 2009

Time comes in a mans life to....

To tell that special girl "We are getting married"

Sometimes you get lucky and actually get her to say yes too.

Blogging huh?

First post is a waste of time apparently. lol