Thursday, March 25, 2010

Jbuck, pictures of your car with lovely sticker on it son.

BN IS300 representing the true lovely.

Jbuck drops on some schoolgirl action.

first on is not a school girl, but shit....

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Not so Lovely broken ankles and shit haha

So yeah, gettin way too sick in the 12ft clover bowl, landed low in the bank and foot rolled completely over and all of my weight smashed into the concrete. SUCKED
See how swollen and warped it is? Yeah, bruising kept coming as the swelling went down
I didn't hurt my toes at all, what the fuck? I had broken the left two previous to this, but apparently swelling breaks blood vessels and makes you have fucked up looking feet. Pretty sick, I'm already walking on it.....sort of.

led action

Reverse lamps for the blue car. Hoping to have one of the first cars in the U.S. with full LED S4 tails, should be retarded sick.
Back of the boards, they look so ugly compared to the front haha

Blue car got some love.

Slammed it back down and put my steering angle mod back on the car. Had to buy a new power rack the old one took a shit and seized. Now the fitment rocks face up front again.
Strobe flash, just cause. Also, haven't decided if hood and headlight covers are going to be the same color or not yet. Did finish welding my triangulated strut tower bar mounting plates to the fire wall though, soon I will be able to build the engine cover.
Peek-a-boo Lovely Idol sticker
Need to get the rest of the vinyl on and throw my rear spacers on. Has dipshit rear fitment right now, mos def NOT Lovely Spec haha
Representin, bitch.